Requirements Center of Excellence



What is a Requirements Center of Excellence?


A RCoE is an organization that encourages and facilitates collaboration, and manages best practices for some specific functional area in an effort to increase business success. Perhaps a more apt term would be a Competency Development Center.

The RCoE can be set up as a virtual organization matrixed into the rest of the company or an actual group with a discretionary budget, separate management, and clear authority. The group can be staffed with dedicated or part-time members.

The creation of a Requirements Center of Excellence is an indication that the organization is reaching a higher level of organizational maturity. As the maturity of the organization increases, the risk of failed projects tends to decrease.

Forming a Requirements Center of Excellence

The creation of a RCoE involves several steps and requires significant investment by the organization in terms of human resources and financial support, although a RCoE can often be started with only minimal initial effort. The ongoing maintenance and full organizational dissemination generally requires more substantial resources.

At Crescent, the formation of an RCoE consists of six main steps:

- Assessment of the current requirements process maturity & BA staff skills

- Determination of desired future requirements process maturity & BA staff skills

- Scoping the RCoE

- Establishing the RCoE

- Implementing the RCoE

- Metric determination for the RCoE for continuous improvement


Functions of a Requirements Center of Excellence

In our experience, a Requirements Center of Excellence should provide support and be responsible for the following:

- Tactical Project Assistance

- Methodology

- Best Practices

- Learning and Professional Development

- Tool Standards


To setup a Requirements Center of Excellence for your organization, please contact us today detailing your requirements.

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